Directors of Fraternity & Sorority Life, Intercultural & Social Justice Programming leave for new roles at MIT, Rutgers

Cultural Competence and Student Affairs: A Model for Creating Inclusive Campus Environments and Fostering the Success of Historically Underrepresented Students

NASPA 2015 Annual Conference Presentation, "Cultural Competence and Student Affairs: A Model for Creating Inclusive Campus Environments and Fostering the Success of Historically Underrepresented Students"

Marta Elena Esquilin named Associate Dean of the Honors Living Learning Community at Rutgers University-Newark

Associate Dean Esquilin of the HLLC


Marta's support has allowed me to believe in the impact that my individual work can have on my community.

- Student, Middlebury College

Marta helped develop a program and curriculum (JusTalks) from scratch with a group of dedicated students and administrators. This program demonstrates promise for our future and has built a foundation that will enhance our programming for first-year students. She also consults on ongoing projects and co-leads campus-wide retreats focusing on complicated topics such as race, class and power. Most importantly, she is helping set a foundation for improving youth development on our campus well into the future.

- Dean of the College, Middlebury College

Marta has introduced our incoming college students to each other in ways that make them instantly connect to their new school. Through her workshop, students are reassured that they are part of a strong community that celebrates differences. Marta's program during Orientation is one of the highest-rated programs year after year. We can't wait to have her back!

- Assistant Dean and Director of Student Development and Activities, Marymount Manhattan College

Marta can work very closely with students and has deep knowledge of issues around diversity, retention and student success. She has contributed significantly to our work. She brings a great deal of humanity to topics and conversation we have with our students and our campuses.

- Vice President of Strategic Projects, The Posse Foundation

Marta worked with Middlebury College students as they developed a curriculum around "JusTalks," which was a student-driven movement to help our community engage in authentic dialogue on issues of identity, power, and access. She then came to campus as the lead facilitator for the day-long retreat and her deft leadership skills made and her ability to share the leadership with students helped make the weekend a huge success.

I also worked with Marta while she was a facilitator at a recent PossePlus retreat dealing with social class, wealth, power, and privilege. Again Marta's skill and balancing the personal reflection with larger questions of institutional structures was remarkable.

As a teacher who engages many of these issues in her courses, I found working with Marta a joy as well as learning experience.

- Assistant Professor of Education Studies, Middlebury College

Marta provided my organization with the much needed base we needed in order to be successful; she not only helped us create the curriculum we needed to make our day possible, but she also provided each organizer and student-facilitator with the confidence and background so that the day could remain primarily student-run, which was one of our largest goals. I want to take this opportunity to thank Marta for all her work in our community and in others as well! She's a rockstar!!

- Student, JusTalks at Middlebury College

Marta helped create a space at Middlebury where everyones' identities were accepted and celebrated. She also helped us confront issues on campus that are often ignored, in a safe and constructive way.

- Student, JusTalks at Middlebury College

JusTalks was an event that really changed how I view my fellow students. It was largely viewed as a success, and people I know that attended the event still reference examples from the large group work that day.

- Student, JusTalks at Middlebury College

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