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Philosophy & Approach

  • Mindfulness
  • Transformation
  • Liberatory Practice
  • Love
  • Community
  • Getting raggedy
Marta Esquilin Services

Imagine our collective potential if...

“We all took off our masks, just for a moment, and really saw each other?”


Personal Liberation...

“What stands in the way of you being the best version of yourself, of reaching your fullest potential?”

  • Helping people transform their lives by addressing internalized oppression, and exploring what it means to be truly liberated
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Transforming systems and environments…

“What hinders organizations and educational institutions from maximizing their fullest potential and equitably serving all of their constituents?”  

  • Giving people tools and skills for having difficult conversations in mixed identity environments about social inequity
  • Providing a framework and model for increasing cultural competency within educational and organizational environments
  • Raising awareness about the impacts of microaggressions within mixed identity communities and providing mechanisms for effectively addressing them

What I can provide


Diversity & Social Justice Training for Organizations and Educational Institutions

My trainings focus on how power and social inequity operate within educational and workplace environments to inform group dynamics and organizational structures.

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Cultural Competency Organizational Assessment & Long-term Strategic Planning

“When organizational or educational environments feel hostile for marginalized social identity groups, individuals and the collective are less successful.  How do we create environments that encourage all people to reach their fullest potential and maximize our collective success?”

  • Series of sessions illuminating how organizational culture including ideologies, interpersonal interactions, behaviors, structures, and policies work together to create environments that are inequitable and detrimental to marginalized identity groups.
  • Cultural Competency Assessment tool aimed at identifying organizational strengths and weaknesses, and developing long term strategic plans for increasing the cultural competency of an organization
  • Large and small scale community building retreats & workshops for diverse groups
  • Weekend long retreats or day long workshops aimed at building community  across difference within organizational or educational communities
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Skill Building and Tools for Managing Microaggressions and Difficult Dialogues

  • Trainings focused on raising awareness about how microaggressions operate within educational and organizational settings to create hostile environments for marginalized social identity groups
  • Skill building about how to adequately address and manage microaggressions within diverse settings that help promote community instead of dividing it
  • Facilitation training focused on managing difficult conversations about inequity across social identity groups

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